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What is QST?

Hello and welcome to QST, the hyper collectible board game collaboration project!

Several times each year, QST will launch board game collaborations between an all-star roster of mind-blowingly talented creators! These board games will be limited run and feature high-end custom packaging and promo cards that will NEVER be produced again. Sign up for our email notifications, so you can follow along with our progress and be the absolute first to be given a chance to pre-order the games. Remember: Once we sell out of the limited run of a game, we will NEVER produce that version again.

Each game is a unique three-part collaboration between three creative visionaries from different disciplines:



The creator behind the concept dreams up the themes, worlds, and story elements of the game. This part of the creative process defines “the big idea” and will start the game designer on a path. The concept could be anything—it may be a deep dive into a single character or the kind of wide-path description that comes with true world-building. The fun of the concept phase is the totally open canvas the creator has to explore and create.


An experienced game designer takes the concept document and works “top down” to bring the theme to life and make the most compelling game possible. The game may be a very literal interpretation of the concept’s core elements or it may be an in-depth exploration of one specific aspect of the idea. It’s up to the game designer to find the fun!


Once the design is complete, it is handed over to the artist, who takes the concept and game design and crafts a distinctive visual appearance and components that bring the concept to life. The artist’s mission is to create a game that looks unique and unexpected. Some of the QST artists come from parts of the art world that have not been represented in tabletop gaming before, so it will be VERY exciting to see what they do!

Three times per year, QST will announce two original games and the teams of creators who collaborated on them.

At that time, QST will introduce the creative teams and take a deep dive into the components and rules of both games. Just trying to imagine the different combos of creators and the amazing/crazy/fun games they will come up with is part of what makes QST so exciting! What kind of crazy concept will the “father of electronic gaming” Atari-founder Nolan Bushnell come up with? What kind of game will Bruno Faidutti, the creator of Citadels, make? We don’t know, but we’re pumped to find out!

What is in the Games?
All the things!

Each QST experience will be a small form factor tabletop game, which means our standard packaging will be 4.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches. Inside the box will be whatever combination of elements the game designer decided is necessary to bring the concept to life. This could include but is not limited to cards, tiles, meeples, timers, dice, and spinners. Anything the designer can imagine is on the table!

The games will target 2-4 players and a playtime of 30-45 minutes. However, it’s ultimately up to the creative team to decide what they want their game to be. Heck, one team may create a single-player game with 5 spinners, and then the next team may create a 6-player worker-placement game. The one thing you can be sure of is each game will be FUN!

How Are They Delivered?